We are very mindful of the environment in all that we do, so recycle all batteries and any other parts that we are able to. We safely discard of all other old, damaged and defective parts taken out of the watches we have repaired.

We provide a 12 month warranty on all of our watch repairs (2 years for Rolex and Omega) and, should you encounter a problem during this time, encourage you to contact us to discuss in more detail.

Regular servicing and avoiding any accidental damage where possible will also help to keep your watch working well.

If we have been able to replace the glass in your watch with a like-for-like replacement direct from the manufacturer, it will usually be able to pass the same water resistant tests as it did when new. If we haven’t been able to source a like-for-like replacement and an alternative has been fitted, it may not be as water resistant as it once was. Our team will of course provide you with all the details on this.

The average estimated lifetime for a leather strap is 6 – 8 months. The leather strap’s lifetime depends highly on how it is used. Leather is a natural material that wears if it frequently comes in contact with water, cosmetics, etc. Therefore it is advised to remove the watch when taking a bath/showering and to regularly change the strap for hygiene reasons. Avoiding the following conditions, as much as possible, will help to improve the lifespan of your strap

  • Use in water
  • Use in sauna
  • Warm and humid climate
  • Pollution
  • Chemicals like perfume, sun cream, body lotion, sweat, etc.
  • UV radiation
  • Mechanical abrasion
  • Wearing the watch 24/7

Like all leather objects, a leather strap needs to be carefully maintained to ensure a long life and appearance. Protect leather straps from water, perspiration, damp, grease, perfume, cosmetics or chemicals, and avoid excessive exposure to the sun. For hygienic reasons, it is highly recommended to take your watch off before bedtime. It will extend the lifespan of leather straps. It also helps to reduce allergic reactions to a sensitive skin.

We can repair most quality branded watches – please get in touch here for more information.

Some Suppliers mention in their covering letters that you should ‘consult the manual’ if you have a problem. Please note that BASIC models do not come with a manual. All you need to do is carefully pull out the hand-set button a couple of millimetres, set the time, and push it back in.

NO. Just keep the completed warranty card or receipt in a safe place and send it in with your watch should it develop a fault

You will need to pay the postage on the way to us, the manufacturer pays to post it back to you. (Under warranty claims). For watches not under warranty return postage is added to the cost of repair.

Locker, Hull & Thornton are NOT authorised to offer refunds or replacements – you will need to approach your point of purchase to discuss this with them.

We are unable to provide estimates until we see the watch in question. You will need to send it to us for examination and we will post an estimate to you with payment options. If you decide not to proceed there will just be a postage charge to return your watch to you.

NO – except for straps. For anything else you will have to send your watch in to us to carry out the work.

That depends on the watch design. Standard batteries should last about two years but please bear in mind that, if your battery fails quicker than expected, it could have been in stock for quite a long time before you bought it. Batteries are not covered under warranty but if it fails shortly after purchase we can consider the circumstances and may replace it under warranty at our discretion. Please also note that heavy or constant use of any additional functions (ie chronograph or alarm) will drain the battery more quickly.

Mondaine Big Date models have a quirky design where it runs through 32-00 even though these dates do not exist. THIS IS NOT A FAULT. You will need to re-set your date manually each month. If there are fewer than 31 days in a month, you may not realise this until later in the month and not connect this with the fact that your date is 1 or 2 days out now.

Why does my date change at lunchtime? This is because you have set the time wrong, (am/pm) move the hands back 12 hours so it shows, for example, 8pm not 8am.

That depends on the model, you will need to contact us to discuss.

Sometimes, perhaps due to a knock, chronograph hands can come out of alignment but they are designed so that the customer can re-set them. Please consult your manual for instructions on how to do this. Usually it involves pulling the main hand-setting button out to either position and pressing one of the chrono buttons. If you still cannot work it out then contact us and we will try and talk you through it.

This depends on current workload. Usually your watch will be returned within 15-20 working days. However, if we have to order material from France, Germany or Switzerland, this can increase the wait time considerably.

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