The most visual and, arguably, one of the most important elements of any watch, the dial can make the difference as to whether you can wear the watch or leave it in the drawer of your bedside table.

If it’s damaged or discoloured, whether that’s through age, water damage or because it’s been dropped or knocked, the chances are that if you can’t clearly see the dial, you’re not going to wear the watch.

However, we can ensure you are able to wear your watch again thanks to our repair and dial restoration service. If we can replace the dial, which we are able to do on most modern watches, we will do so, however for older watches where replacement dials are not as easy to come by, we can perform a restoration to the damaged dial.

One of the most common fixes is the reaffixing of markers, logos or numbers on the dial that have become loose. We can do this with such skill and expertise that there will be no evidence that the watch has even been touched, let alone repaired.

If a restoration of these parts of the dial is required, a more complex level of work is necessary to get the watch looking its very best once more:

  • The dial markers or numbers are removed, and the dial is rubbed back to the base colour
  • The dial is re-sprayed with as near to the original colour and finish as possible.
  • The finer details, such as numbers or writing, are printed back onto the dial.
  • Thin layers of lacquer are applied to provide long lasting protection and preserve the colour
  • The dial markers are then refitted and the watch is carefully put back together again

Discovering a mark or suffering from a damaged dial on your watch doesn’t need to be a problem anymore thanks to our dial restoration service.

IMPORTANT: Restoration of the Dial will be nearest possible, exact colour or logo match NOT guaranteed.

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