When you wear a watch day in, day out, it can very easily get knocked or brushed up against something that causes little scratches and scuffs which impact on the overall appearance. At Locker, Hull & Thornton, we can often restore your watch back to near its original condition through our valeting and polishing service.

Our watch technicians will take considerable care over your luxury watch, taking into consideration the intricate parts and mechanisms that go into their makeup. In our specially designed facility, we have access to all the equipment needed to perform high quality valeting and polishing, removing scuffs and scratches to a standard so good that you’d never have known they were there before.

With our valeting service suitable for all watch brands, including the likes of Rado, TAG Heuer and Omega, it’s the perfect way to keep your watch looking great for the long term. Our specialist polishing capabilities also mean we can often restore your watches near its original condition, as well as brushed and polished finishes. No job is too big or too complex for our team.

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Please send your watch in for the examination and an estimate to repair it. Our highly skilled team providing a wide range of watch repairs from our state-of-the-art facility in Leicester!