If you have found a scratch across the glass of your watch, or have cracked or smashed the glass after an accident, we can provide watch glass replacement that leaves your watch looking as good as new again. With experience working on a number of high quality watch brands, we are able to get like-for-like replacements on newer models or can create an exact replica for older watches.

Any damage to your watch’s glass, whether it’s chipped or scratched, will not only affect its appearance but could also impact on its water resistance, which can in turn lead to much more serious damage. For this reason, it’s so important to get any repair work completed as quickly as possible.

For brands, we act as an official service centre for, we always fit ORIGINAL glasses obtained from the brand, if they are still available. Generic glasses will be fitted if not.

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Please send your watch in for the examination and an estimate to repair it. Our highly skilled team providing a wide range of watch repairs from our state-of-the-art facility in Leicester!